Spare parts for ships at affordable prices

The ship system is a complex of mechanisms, parts, devices, pipelines that ensure the controllability of the vessel, its safety of navigation and the comfort of finding people on board. However, the constant stay at sea, vibration and operation of the vessel in difficult weather conditions adversely affect the state of the ship’s equipment. The performance of all systems deteriorates over time. For this reason, it is necessary to properly approach the acquisition of high-quality spare parts and the literacy of their storage on the vessel or in the port.

Special requirements are placed on the reliability of production of ship spare parts, because the safety of the crew and passengers of the ship leaving the open sea depends on it.

What do we offer?

SBS Company supplies spare parts and parts for engines, separators and other important devices and machinery of the vessel. Particularly noteworthy components for power plants. The engine is the iron heart of any ship, without which the ship will not float. Also important is the electrics, filling life with all the processes at the swimming facility. The choice of such and many other parts must be approached responsibly and demanding, otherwise swimming can turn into a disaster.

SBS Company sells only high quality and certified ship spare parts from world leading manufacturers. In our virtual catalogs, the equipment and parts are presented in the widest range - we will satisfy the needs of the retail and wholesale buyer, and we will not keep you waiting for a long time with the fulfillment of the order.

Our team is qualified professionals with extensive experience in shipbuilding. We work closely with domestic and foreign manufacturers of spare parts, which allows us to control all stages of the transaction and guarantee high quality products.

We will provide attention and an individual approach to each client. We are ready to fulfill the specific requirements of customers.

If you have any questions, or want to go to cooperate, call or e-mail. For convenience, you can fill out the form and use the feedback service.

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