SBS Ltd. offers steering gear from major European manufacturers for safe and comfortable swimming

The steering machine is the most important auxiliary mechanism of the vessel. It is the steering gear that provides good handling - and therefore, the safety of navigation. They turn the rudder bar or nozzle at a given angle to maneuver or hold the ship at a given course.

The force to the rudder wheel is transmitted by a drive with hydraulic or mechanical gears and an electric motor. The steering machine is installed in the tiller room. To control it, hydraulic or electric (ie with mechanical gears) drives are used.

Ship's steering device must meet a number of requirements:

  • durability;
  • reliability;
  • ease of operation, low weight and overall dimensions;
  • easy maintenance and care;
  • safety and reliability of operation even in difficult navigation conditions;
  • maintaining a predetermined angle and speed of rudder shifting even at the maximum speed of the vessel;
  • operational transition from the main control to the auxiliary;
  • ability to control from different places.

SBS LTD presents to your attention reliable and durable steering machines from leading European manufacturers, as well as any other ship and deck equipment. All products sold comply with international standards and guarantee the safety and comfort of navigation.

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