Steering cars

It is impossible to keep the vessel on a given course, and also to change its direction of movement without a steering device. This mechanism cannot work without the following elements:

· Steering - allowing to determine the water pressure and turn the vessel on a given course;

· Steering drive - with its help it is possible to provide communication of the steering machine with a baller;

· Steering machine, also called engine - ensures the correct operation of the steering gear;

· TV motor - allows to provide communication between the engine and the control post of the court.

In other words, the steering machine is an important element of the steering mechanism.


What are the requirements for steering cars?

Considering modern safety requirements, ship steering gears must meet the following criteria:


· Ease of maintenance and operation;


· Relatively low weight, small size and ease of operation;

· Providing control from multiple locations;

· The ability to maintain the vessel at a given course and speed of the rudder rearranging even in the most extreme conditions;

· Ability to quickly switch control from primary to secondary.


What types of steering gear are known today?

The modern world market represents a wide range of steering machines, which can be divided by type of energy used on:

· Electric;

· Hydraulic;

· Manual;

· Steam.

In some ships you can find the following combinations of steering machines:

· Electrohydraulic;

· Paroruce;

· Steam-hydraulic;

· Manual hydraulic.

For small vessels, the ideal option would be to install a manual or paroruchny steering machines.


Where can I buy cheap steering gear?

At SBS, you can find a wide range of steering vehicles from well-known European manufacturers. Our products are reliable and durable. We work with manufacturers whose products meet all the quality standards imposed today. Therefore, acquiring steering gear from us, you can be absolutely sure of the expediency of the investment. You do not know which option will be the most optimal in your situation? Contact our specialist, who will be happy to select an inexpensive model that will provide reliability, safety and comfort of navigation.

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