Technicomar - the leader among the desalination plants for ships

Reverse osmosis plants for industrial and personal use, the company Francesco de Vita began to produce 39 years ago. Responding to changing market demands and maintaining current standards for water desalination, Technicomar confirms its leadership title year after year and opens representative offices of its retailers around the world.

The special membrane purifies the water passed under high pressure from any impurities. Reverse osmosis is the most economical, clean and efficient technology for desalination, purification and disinfection of sea water that meets international sanitary requirements and the highest quality standards.

The latest models of Technicomar ECO desalination plants (up to 60%) are more productive in terms of fresh water output (from 2.5 m3 / day) and at the same time consume up to 35% less energy than other desalination analogues of the same size. The weight of the plant is about 2 times lower than other desalters of similar capacity.

Such models are best suited for offshore platforms, merchant, transport passenger and cargo ships. High quality components ensure high performance even in continuous operation. Special energy recovery system allows to reduce fuel consumption and ensure efficiency up to 60% higher compared to similar equipment.

Electromechanical control panel allows you to ensure reliable operation in all weather conditions.

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