Towing vessels

Towing from the hook is a reliable and easiest way to tow a vessel. And therefore the most common. In this case, the two vessels are fixed with a flexible cable. The connection is provided as follows: the cable is fed to the bow of the towed ship from the stern of the towing one.

Towing device features

The towed module consists of the following elements:

  • feeding habits;

  • bitts;

  • bollards;

  • arches;

  • ropes;

  • winches;

  • towing hooks;

  • and other auxiliary equipment.

  1. Bollards and bittens. These are special devices that perform the functions of fixing the cable, which is used for towing.

  2. Arches. Arcs made of metal. Similar elements are mounted across the stern from one side to the other. Their function is simple, but the most important: ensuring the safety of the crew and equipment of the vessel.
  3. Winches These are hydraulic / electric devices, which automatically and semi-automatically regulate the tension and laying of the cable. The latter is securely fixed on the winch drum, where the thrust is maintained or a weakened cable is selected.

  4. Hook towing. Special device with which it is possible to almost instantly detach the cable. Modern tugs are equipped with nuts with hydraulic bolts, so you can perform both manual and automatic remote disconnection of the cable. Towing hook is installed on the arc, which can be freely transported.

    Hooks are classified into the following types: automatic, semi-automatic and normal. The latter are inconvenient because it is possible to give the cable only while weakening its tension. This is not very practical in field conditions.

Our offer

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