What are fender devices?

Fenders are special devices for ships whose purpose is to protect the metal hull of the craft from other ships or moorings. That is, the crane mechanism prevents deformation of the board, absorbing the impact energy and successfully distributing it over the area.

Cranes are presented in several forms.

1. According to the type of energy conversion are divided into:

  • damping (in turn, classified into gas and hydraulic);

  • shock-absorbing (are elastic and pneumatic);

  • combined devices (hydroelastic and, accordingly, hydropneumatic).

2. According to the method of fixation:

  • removable - used with ordinary ships; 

  • fixed - mounted on the bow and stern of icebreakers and tugs.

Hydraulic fenders are different in that they are structurally composed of a rubber shell with special holes. They can either partially or completely fill with water, have negative and positive buoyancy. With a load on such a fender, water begins to weave out of it, and then it is filled again. Thus, the contact is leveled.

Pneumatic fenders are used in open water when mooring. They are characterized by increased energy intensity due to the special distribution of the load on the vessel. Subdivided into chamber and tubeless. The first are equipped with outer and inner shell.

Combined fender devices are interesting because they are made of two shells. The inner one is filled with air, and between them is water. When compressed water is squeezed out. Then the shell is filled again.

Today, you can often find homemade fenders, which are created from improvised means. For example, from used rubber automotive covers.

The SBS company offers fenders and other mooring devices in a wide range.

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