What are the dangers of ship sewage?

When seawater is polluted by sewage from the vessel, the condition of the water area deteriorates. This contributes to the occurrence of unfavorable conditions for aquatic inhabitants, in particular fish, which die or, at best, leave the polluted area.

The drains appear in the process of the life of the crew and passengers on the ship. Therefore, quality wastewater treatment is required.

Features of ship drains
Drains on ships are different from urban ones. The difference is based on the fact that pipelines on the ship are characterized by an insignificant length, therefore a high concentration of pollutants is obtained.

Swimming pollution is classified:

  • on household (laundry, shower, sink);
  • household and fecal (toilets, medical rooms and rooms where animals are located).

Domestic sewage is more harmful to the environment. After all, chemicals used for washing, the most dangerous for marine life. Therefore, it is impossible to do without sewage treatment - special sanitary-technological devices are installed.

It is also necessary to take into account the amount of waste. The amount of polluted water is identical to the degree of danger. And their volume directly depends on the water consumption on the ship. Also important is the state of the pipelines and support systems of the vessel.

The SBS company supplies Tecnicomar water purification devices. This is a famous Italian manufacturer who also specializes in the development and production of reverse osmosis plants. The equipment of this company has a high degree of wastewater treatment.

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