Palfinger - a modern high-class technology for the ages, recommended by professionals

Do you need a ship crane or a trigger? Then you are sure to come to us: our company offers the Austrian concern Palfinger, the largest manufacturer of hydraulic manipulators and crane-manipulators. The equipment supplied by the manufacturer reduces to a minimum the manual labor during unloading and loading, reduces the total number of necessary units of equipment, increases the intensity of work.

Cranes Palfinger are certified by the leading classification societies, have large service intervals, are completed in accordance with the requests of the customer. They allow you to satisfy any layout requirements and use fixed or remote control panels.

Years of experience of the concern Palfinger allows us to supply units of equipment that meet the highest quality. Moreover, the continuous development and improvement of technology also allows us to actively develop production and keep up with the times. The products of the concern are recognized all over the world, have earned an excellent reputation and high marks from professionals. The responses used by the palfinger technique are characterized as: technically perfect, cost-effective, versatile, powerful and safe.

Виджет 'Международные стандарты качества' INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF QUALITY
Виджет 'Работа со всеми типами кораблей' WORK WITH ALL TYPES OF SHIPS
Виджет 'Полная техническая документация' FULL TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION
Виджет 'Гарантийный и послегарантийный сервис' WARRANTY AND POST-WARRANTY SERVICE