Ship Crane-Manipulator

Crane-manipulator is a device with the help of which it is possible to carry out loading operations. The modern market offers cranes manipulators with a realized set of unique technological capabilities and new products: high load capacity, long reach, compactness, reliability, exceptional kinematics of movement, the ability to work in difficult conditions and hard to reach places. It is a universal and reliable system that successfully copes with any type of cargo, be it bulk solids or massive blocks and containers. It is for this reason that the crane manipulator is actively used every day on various types of vessels.

The SBS company sells high-quality crane-manipulator units of the Austrian brand Palfinger. Such systems have a number of undeniable advantages and can perform various types of operations under the following conditions:

· Rolling;

· Long roll;

· Douche by waves or splashes of water;

· Long trim ship.

A well-designed hydraulic system provides:

· The operation of each of the elements of the crane with the speed specified by the operator: mechanism of rotation, change of extension of the boom, cargo winch, etc .;

· The combined functioning of several of the above elements, but with some decrease in speed.

Design features
Crane manipulator consists of fixed and movable parts. The body is made of metal in the form of a column - it rotates around its axis. The components of electro-hydraulic systems, sometimes a pumping system and other mechanisms are located inside the housing.

Cargo lifting, suspension with hook, pulley, winch with gear (planetary type) and braking system, drum are involved in lifting the load.

The crane can be controlled remotely, from a special site or from the control panel. And the length of the boom is adjustable with the help of hydraulic cylinders - departure varies from 3 to 20 meters depending on the model. Protection is provided in the crane: if pressure drops in the system, the load will be held on the boom.

Crane manipulators Palfinger gained popularity around the world, thanks to its unsurpassed technical and operational characteristics. They have proven themselves flawlessly in the most difficult climatic conditions and under heavy loads, which is important for Russian realities.

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