Towing and mooring winches

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Towing and mooring winches

Ship winches are special powerful mechanisms, the thrust force which is transmitted using a heavy-duty cable, thick rope or iron chain, or other similar flexible element. The drive drum can be turned on by means of electricity, manual forces or from an internal combustion engine. The main purpose of the winch is to lift and move loads.

The automatic towing winch is often found on sea and river vessels: tugs, tankers of various tonnage, ore carriers, container ships and icebreakers for working with a towing cable: its pickling, retention, selection and normal storage. Automatic ship mooring winches are important components of a complex mooring system. For safety reasons, for example, when a load deviates, such a winch picks up or, conversely, tampers with a cable. When etching a cable, rope or chain, the mooring winches give a special warning signal. These are complex and expensive mechanisms that require competent installation and qualified service. However, automatic installations greatly facilitate the work of the mooring team. The mooring device must always be kept in good condition so that it can be used in operational time. Installation is possible both in the bow of the ship and in the stern.

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