Wastewater Treatment - Tecnicomar

The Italian concern Tecnicomar has been one of the world leaders in the production of various filters, desalination plants and wastewater treatment plants on ships for over 30 years. The company is considered one of the leading developers of units of this orientation. Tecnicomar products are extremely popular both among shipping companies and among owners of private yachts and boats around the world.

With the constant increase in the number of actively used water transport, it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect our planet from pollution by waste discharged from ships into the open sea. Therefore, every self-respecting shipowner should attend to the installation of a wastewater treatment system on his ship. Tecnicomar has developed a wide range of on-board wastewater treatment plants, differing in capacity, performance and dimensions, so that among the company's products you can find a suitable installation for almost any vessel. Tecnicomar wastewater treatment plants operate on the principle of reverse osmosis and meet all international requirements. These units guarantee high-quality uninterrupted water purification, as well as reliability and ease of operation, which is so important while sailing on the high seas.

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