Wastewater treatment plants

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Wastewater treatment plants

The unit is intended for the treatment of wastewater in order to bring it in line with the requirements of international standards for direct discharge into the sea.

The installation is fully automated and only requires startup. The cycle begins with the reception of a certain amount of polluted water from the storage tank to the work tank. For some time, these waters are settled, then a certain amount of disinfectant fluid is added. After that, a certain amount of pure sea water is added, and the water is settled for some time. This period, which takes several minutes, is necessary for the occurrence of a physicochemical reaction that disinfects water and reduces the amount of pollution to a level that allows discharge into the open sea according to international rules.

The wastewater treatment plant operates in automatic mode, repeating these water treatment cycles.

Each cycle takes 12-15 minutes.

The following standard sizes of wastewater treatment plants are available:

  • Ekomar 6 - performance 2300 liters per day, 660x675x510 mm
  • Ekomar 120 - productivity is 50000 l a day, 1390х1100х1350 mm

Details on the manufacturer's website: www.technicomar.it and by phone +78122404464.

Installation of reverse osmosis is the most optimal system for the desalination and purification of sea water. In such installations use a special membrane, the water is purified by passing through it under high pressure. If you face the challenge of desalinating and purifying seawater, you are unlikely to find technology better than reverse osmosis. Installation of reverse osmosis allows even sea water to be free from impurities. The basis of this technology is the use of a special semi-permeable membrane, thanks to which the process of water purification from any kind of impurities that exist in nature takes place.

Water passes through such a membrane and is purified to the highest degree of purification. Great result, don't you agree !? Reverse osmosis technology originates from ancient times, when the ancient Greeks first tried to pass water through the walls of a wax vessel. Much time has passed since then, the technology has improved, and today reverse osmosis plants are widely used on sea vessels and in industry. However, today this technology is used in the home.

The main element of the system is, of course, a special membrane (reverse osmosis). This membrane is unique in its pores, the size of which is equal to the size of water molecules, and smaller than the size of salt molecules. It is important to note that the water molecule has a size smaller than the size of impurity molecules. In a reverse osmosis plant, polluted water is forcedly forced through a membrane, and due to this it is purified.

LTD SBS closely cooperates with the company Tecnicomar, which is one of the leaders in the production of equipment for wastewater treatment. Tecnicomar manufactures a wide range of sizes of high-quality desalination plants; they comply with all international requirements. In addition, you can be sure of their reliability and durability, as well as ease of use on ships.

The problem of high-quality disinfection and wastewater treatment on ships in the modern world is of great importance, because the environmental situation in the world is not getting better. International sanitary standards place high demands on wastewater treatment systems installed on various vessels.

Ship equipment supply companies offer to the attention of shipbuilding enterprises wastewater treatment systems of various modifications that meet the needs of a wide variety of vessels, both small private yachts and huge ocean liners. For each class of sea and river vessels, you can choose the treatment systems of the appropriate dimensions, power and performance. Modern cleaning systems are multifunctional and inexpensive, and their efficiency has been confirmed as a result of a multitude of tests performed on special equipment using special technologies. Thanks to these machines, sewage treatment on seagoing vessels is carried out at an appropriate level. Such wastewater treatment plants, such as, for example, ECOmar 100, 50, ECOmar 24, 16, ECOmar 8, 6, allow shipowners to effectively clean dirty water and take care of the environment.

SBS Company offers reverse osmosis plants from the world's leading manufacturers - Tecnicomar (Italy). We offer reliable, high-quality equipment and are always happy to cooperate!

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