Telescopic cranes manipulators

Modern ship crane cranes are a combination of folding retractable booms, high-alloyed structural steels and a curved profile, which results in reliable and productive installations of low mass, with a rigid and robust design.

SBS Company supplies marine telescopic cranes, both with and without an autonomous electric hydraulic pump of the under deck type. Telescopic boom is not only reliability, but also:

· The ability to work with cargoes below deck level;

· Simplicity and reliability of the design;

· Accuracy, steplessness and smoothness of loading and unloading arrangements;

· Convenience of work in the conditions of limited space;

· The possibility of carrying out operations with obstacles;

· Profitability, both in work, and at installation of the crane;

Telescopic cranes can have different geometric arrow profiles:

four - (square or rectangular), five -, six - and octahedral.

Security and control system
Protective system - a mandatory attribute of any telescopic crane. And it consists of the following mechanisms:

· Safety valves;

· Sensors of excess load and maximum boom;

· Alarm - light and sound.

As for the control, it is made in the form of levers. Each lever is responsible for a specific operation: raising the hook or arrow, extending sections or arrows and turning the crane. Modern telescopic cranes are equipped with radio-controlled consoles with the ability to work at a distance.

Our offer
LTD SBS delivers a wide range of shipboard equipment, spare parts and maintenance. Our partners are manufacturers of world-famous marine cranes from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Norway, Poland and other countries, whose products, thanks to their excellent quality and impeccable technical and operational properties, have spread throughout the world.

We are always ready to cooperate and look forward to a long and trusting business relationship. If you are interested in innovative and technically advanced ship equipment, then you have come to the right place!

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