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A lifeboat is a special device that is supposed to provide life for people in distress after they leave the ship. Due to similar requirements, such boats have high hull strength:

  • safely float in fully loaded condition;
  • towed at speeds of up to five knots;
  • made of high strength and non-flammable material.

The lifeboat on the ship is located on the sides, as close as possible to the crew and passengers. Their number depends on the type of vessel, the number of people staying on it and the duration of the voyage. Numbering is carried out from the bow to the stern: on the left side are even numbers, and on the right side - odd numbers.

Would you like to buy a boat on duty? They exist a huge variety in size, device, material production, the presence of additional options.

Types of lifeboats

1. According to the descent method:

  • free fall;
  • davit.

The first type of rescue equipment provides maximum protection and is often used in the oil industry. To withstand a blow against water, the body is made of special high-strength and flame-retardant plastic. In addition, the rescue boat is equipped with an irrigation system, which allows you to save lives even when the combustible mixture ignites on water.

Chairs are securely fixed and have such a form that it is easy for a person to carry loads. The hull shape is streamlined.

2. By design features:

  • open - retain stability even in the flooded state, but poorly protect from wind, water and bad weather;
  • closed - such duty lifeboats are equipped with a rigid casing with hatches for getting inside, additionally equipped with fire protection and a fresh air supply system;
  • partially closed - usually the middle part of the boat remains open, but it can also be closed by an awning, thus, a sealed capsule is obtained that protects from wind, rain, splashing waves.

3. By material production:

  • fiberglass is a practical material, characterized by impeccable characteristics: high strength, buoyancy, maintainability;
  • aluminum alloys.

SBS Company sells lifeboats that meet all the necessary international standards and quality standards. We cooperate with European leading manufacturers, whose products, thanks to excellent technical and operational parameters, are used on all types of vessels, both large and small private ones. You can buy emergency lifeboats of any kind, design features and modifications from us.

Call us - we guarantee an individual approach, and look forward to a long-term and trustful business partnership!

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