JUMP - Jack Up Maintenance Platform

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JUMP - Jack Up Maintenance Platform

The Palfinger systems JUMP offers safe, reliable and efficient access to the leg. Designed to allow inspection and all maintenance works such as blasting, painting and steel work repairs to be carried out. Driven by an onboard diesel powered HPU, the Palfinger systems JUMP requires no external power source from the rig. The JUMP configurations include telescopic cranes, aerial platforms, supply & rescue platforms, full enclosure and ancillary power for hand tools, lighting etc. Key Features Self Powered Quick Installation. Can remain in place during rig moves Climbing mechanism has 100% redundancy Opposable & Single Rack designs Main Platform travels at 1-3 m/min. Supply/Rescue Platform travels at 12 m/min. Internal foldaway platforms for horizontal brace work and around each chord Various options for JUMP configuration including Cranes, Aerial Platforms, Auxiliary, Power Supply, Full Enclosure, Waste Collection and Zone 2 Rated Allows major leg work to be safely conducted during operations Environmental Operating Parameters 75 to 88 km/h or 41 to < 48 kn 4 to 6 m seas Acceleration of 0.6 m/s2 Design & Certification EN Codes & TÜV Risk Analysis Moduspec Steelwork Safety Factor 2.5 Work level: Vertical speed1-2.5 m/min. Segment design 6-18 m Weight per meter380 kg/m (only steel construction) Max. area 135 m2 Supply and Rescue level: Vertical speed 12 m/min. Weight per meter180 kg/m (only steel construction) Lifting capacity2000 kg Available area max. 20 m2 per supply and rescue unit

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