UPA- Under Platform Access

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UPA- Under Platform Access

The Palfinger systems UPA provides access to the bracings, underside helidecks and sides shell of off shore fixed platforms and rigs (Jack Ups and Semisubmersibles). Connection to the hull is by a framework mounted to the hull top and sides which is adjustable depending on the hull depth. A hydraulic power unit is included with the system, mounted on the maindeck of the platform/rig. Connected to the framework is a crane column with an extendable boom and 2 men working basket. Key Features Under floor & side Arm-Range of 31 m Crane Weight : 6000 kg Support Framework Weight : 4500 kg (based on 10m hull depth) HPU included Adjustable Support Framework to hull depth Minimal installation hot work Easily mounted & repositioned Power required for HPU : 3Ø / 400V / 50Hz Control Cable Remote Control at Basket Secondary Control at Valve Block on Framework Main Slewing Range Endless Main Boom Angle -60°/+5° (from horizontal) Knuckle Boom Angle 0/180° (relative to Telescopic Boom) Stroke of Telescopic Cylinder 4403 mm/14.45 ft Basket Arm Angle -90°/+90° (relative to Telescopic Boom) Basket Rotation -90°/+90° Safety Devices Secondary Hydraulic Pump (Battery Powered) Load Holding Valve Double Design Safety Load Monitoring for Workman Basket Emergency Control Stand at Framework Platform Ladder or Main & Knuckle Boom for evacuation incase of total power loss Double chain system for telescopic extension Framework Interface Minimum hull depth ≈ 1.5 m Maximum covered hull depth ≈ 19.5 m Adjustable length in steps of 1 m

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