Cylinder liners

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Cylinder liners

The cylinder liner is an important component of the internal combustion engine, which is designed to direct the movement of the piston, with which the lid forms the combustion chamber. A special coating is applied to the inner surface of the sleeve:

  • nitriding;

  • chrome plating;

  • nikasil coating.

Sometimes the inner part is executed with a microrelief (honing), which contributes to perfect oil retention and reduces the friction of parts on the cylinder.

Major faults:

  • cracking;

  • coolant flow in the seat;

  • working surface teaser;

  • gas breakdown on the sealing ring.

The cylinder group must be disassembled, cleaned and flushed. If the outer bearing belt and the inner diameter does not match the original, then the sleeve must be replaced. The SBS company offers cylinder plugs in wide assortment!

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