Valve seats

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Valve seats

The valve seat is an important element of the cylinder head, which is located in its upper part: in the place where the valve closes the port. The shape of the saddle is round: the outer part is flat and the inner part is chamfered. As a material for manufacturing, special grades of heat-resistant steels, bronze, and also alloyed cast iron are used. These alloys are characterized by high strength, along with softness, which allows simultaneously to withstand constant loads and not damage the valve itself.


The main tasks of the valve seat:

  • providing access to the combustible mixture in the open position;

  • ensuring tightness in the closed state;

  • heat removal.

However, during operation, the saddles are deformed and fail. As a result, the tightness is lost and the engine performance decreases.

SBS supplies valve seats in the widest range. Our prices are among the lowest in the region, and the terms of cooperation are transparent.


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