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Powerful Palfinger marine cranes with folding boom with up to 6 telescopic sections. Departure from 10 to 21 m. Load moment from 70 to 213.9 kN. Allowed to operate with cargo when the boom is folded at the minimum departure.

Hydraulic crane.

Special features of Palfinger cranes:

1. Permanent load moment in all positions fully or partially extended boom.

2. The optimal hydraulic oil circuit used in boom control systems provides a 30% increase in operating speeds.

3. Remote control with digital data transfer protocol ensures convenient and safe use. May be wired or radio. Possible explosion-proof design.

4. The control panel can be supplied in a casing, which simplifies installation on the vessel and protects it from precipitation.

5. Ship winches are completed at the request of the customer, providing the necessary performance, capacity, cable length and other conditions.

6. Hydraulic stations are designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions. Equipped with a pointer and level sensor, oil temperature and filter. The option of changing pressure and capacity depending on the load is standardly applied to cranes with a load moment of more than 30Mt. Electric motors have power from 5.5 to 220 kW and can be performed for any frequency and voltage.

7. Rotation of the boom without limiting the angle of rotation is applied to all cranes of this type. The precise fabrication of the swivel unit ensures precise movement of the crane during rotation.

8. The control panel can also be located on a platform rotating with a crane.

brand of crane bearing capacity boom drawing
PFM 2500 7 000 kg - 15 000 kg 11,8 m - 20 m PALFINGER PFM crane PFM 2500
PFM 3500 10 000 kg - 18 000 kg 13,2 m - 21 m PALFINGER PFM crane PFM 3500
PFM 4500 14 000 kg - 21 800 kg 13,2 m - 21 m PALFINGER PFM crane PFM 4500

Heavyweight specialists. Folding cranes.

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