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Since ancient times, humanity transports cargo by sea, because most often this way is the fastest and most convenient. On one ship you can put a huge amount of cargo, not to mention its weight. Agree, the train is such a cargo is unlikely to be able to freely transport. Most often, trouble with seaworthy cargo can occur in the port, where cranes play a key role. One small breakdown and several tons of valuable cargo may be lost.

In order to avoid such troubles, you need to have only high-quality, reliable and proven equipment. This equipment is the PALFINGER crane cranes, which have been manufacturing cranes for almost fifty years. Cranes Palfinger from the Austrian manufacturer have a perfect reputation and, having already released more than one hundred thousand cranes (which is the fourth part of the volume of output of the world market), were able to earn a global recognition.

This is not surprising, because the company has extensive experience in the construction of cranes. All equipment passes strict quality control, the production uses only high-quality parts and materials. Naturally, the manufacturer keeps up with the times and constantly improves its equipment, making it even better, reliable and durable. Innovative developments and solutions are being introduced - all this allows us to offer the consumer the most reliable and functional equipment. Crane ship PALFINGER is available in more than a few dozen different types, so that, undoubtedly, you can choose exactly the equipment that you need and meets the requirements. Products of the Austrian brand have all the necessary certificates, technical documentation, quality assurance, and also provides service during operation.

The very same telescopic crane is very easy to operate. Do not be afraid that at any angle of inclination the crane may not withstand the load, or weather conditions will contribute to the breakage or wear of the equipment. Companies are important to maintain their reputation among customers, and because engineers are trying to take into account all the nuances in the production of equipment.

Trusting the Palfinger products, you will not regret your choice. A variety of hydraulic cranes manipulators will do all the work for you, and do not worry for their performance. At any time, day and night, and in all weather conditions, ship cranes can easily do all the work efficiently and effectively.

If you decide to buy a Palfinger loader crane, the price for this equipment at SBS is at an acceptable level, since we are working directly with an Austrian manufacturer. In addition to sales, our specialist provides installation services for the equipment, as well as its after-sales service - warranty and post-warranty.

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